Mentari, a word that symbolizes life and hope, like the ray of sunshine that lights up the world.

Figuratively, Mentari potrays elements of positive vibes and aspiration for benevolent values. These are universal virtues that serves as a beacon of hope to get us through the difficult times.

The Covid-19 pandemic had and still has a profound impact to our lives, weddings too without exception.

The joy of the bride and groom going through a lifetime experience to have their dream look is curtailed due to the limitation of physical interaction.

The essential Ready-to-Wed concept is an innovation from Maison Zachrin Jaafars to address the pandemic imposed gloom of the bride and groom. All the 12 Ready-to-Wed designs were inspired by our best selling bespoke wedding attire.
The Ready-to-Wed designs are available in a wide range of
sizes at an affordable price!

We hope that our Mentari collection can be a ray of light that puts a shine and smile to brides and grooms around the world.

We need to stay strong together and continue to make a difference for the better in our own unique way.

Zachrin Jaafars

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